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Astrology is as ancient as the Vedas

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Astrology is as ancient as the Vedas

The subject of astrology or astrology is as ancient as the Vedas. In ancient times, the study of planets, constellations and other celestial bodies was called astrology. Regarding its mathematics part, it can be said very clearly that clear calculations have been given about it in the Vedas. Information about the resulting part is available much later.

As soon as we look at the sky, the question arises in the mind that what are the planets and constellations? Why do some of them hide during the day and some at night? Why don't all the planets sink together? Why does the sun rise from the east every day?

Because of these questions, man started seeing, examining and understanding the planets and stars of the sky. Gradually the movement of planets and constellations started to be understood by man. He started connecting the events around him with the activities of planets and constellations and thus became a scripture, which we call astrology today. The authentic definition of astrology is in the Vedas.

In a way, this is a path-pointing scripture. Astrology is the scripture which shows the knowledge of the world, the mystery of life and death and the light in relation to the happiness and sorrow of life. In this sense he sits closer to spirituality and philosophy than to astronomy.

It is believed that astrology originated in India, as the background of Indian astrology is more than 8000 years old. Major astrologers of Indian astrology and special texts written by them-

1. Parashara Muni Brihad Parashara, Hora Shastra
2. Varaha Mihir Vrihat Samhita, Brihatjatak, Laghujataka
3. Bhaskaracharya Siddhanta Shiromani 4. Sridhar Jataka Tilak

Some other well-known texts of astrology are as follows-

1. Surya Siddhanta
2. Small Parashari
3. Fruit Deepika
4. Jataka Parijat
5. Man Sagri
6. Bhavaprakash
7. Emotional curiosity
8. Bhavartha Ratnakara
9. Muhurta Chintamani

The concept of Indian astrology basically rests on nine planets. Seven planets are considered main in this and two are called shadow planets. Sun is the king, Moon is the minister, Mercury is the scribe, Jupiter is the Guru, Venus is the priest, Saturn is the king and the shadow planet Rahu, Chandaal Ketu is untouchable.

The main basis of life, on the day when light will not be there on this earth, perhaps life will not be possible, so in astrology, the Sun is called the king of planets and the time is calculated considering it as the basis.

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