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Initiated in the year 2014 with a definitive vision, our parent brand is a pioneer in more than one ways. When E-commerce space has grown and still growing faster than the jet with lots of competition and many companies are fighting to come into the foray of becoming number one. The aim and vision of the company, however, was set from day one – to streamline a scattered, directionless astrology market into a proper segmented and driven-oriented market. YS has expanded its vistas in myriad ways. is leveraging high to become undoubtedly the Uno astrology website in India, the company now boasts of having an impressive portfolio of the best Consultants with running and upcoming products, services and brands.

Yogi Speaks is one of the most authentic astrology destinations for not only those who are seeking astrological assistance but also for high-level astrological research and development on wide scale. It is a prolific astrological source for people to help them out from mundane questions to specialized queries. Our aim is to ameliorate those who are facing problems and betterment of humanity using divine science of astrology.

The organization’s basic philosophy rests firmly on the belief that no true success can be achieved unless there is complete and concerted involvement of the entire staff in all its endeavors. No wonder, the whole team of staff members and astrologers functions as one big, extended family at Yogi Speaks.