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The people born under this zodiac sign want to get rewarded for their efforts and hard work and struggle to do any work without any thought. The symbol of this zodiac is 'Bull' and they come in the second house of the zodiac. The people of this zodiac are connected with the earth and say what they believe in.

Taurus people are practical, enduring and reliable. As life unfolds in front of them, they keep moving forward towards their goal accordingly, but their pace remains slow. Their strength is their perseverance, honesty and strong determination. It is very difficult to distract them from their path or divert their attention. Once they set a goal, they believe only after reaching it.

They are afraid to take risks as they are very much security conscious & sometimes lazy. Overall, they like to follow their tried & tested path. Although this is not bad, but due to this habit they often miss out on enjoying the new work.

These security-loving people are firmly attached to their environment, work, home or thoughts. Others may call it stubbornness, but they call it their need for permanence. Due to this their mind is not able to accept the new changes

The people of this zodiac may be stubborn and insolent, but it is very difficult to find another person with such determination as they rarely come under pressure. They usually want peace, but you cannot call them a retreat. They are patient and reliable, but if offended, they become angry and cruel. But when their anger subsides, they become calm like Gautam Buddha, as if nothing has happened.

Taurus natives can be good artists and musicians. All the good areas of life like art, music, good food, physical pleasures and material comforts are like heaven on earth for them. Although they are not self-centred, they crave materialistic pleasures.


Since Taurus is ruled by the planet of love herself, Taureans are very interested in merging completely with a partner. They need to feel loved, comforted, and, above all, stable in a relationship. They're not ones for drama.They are family lovers and they want all these material comforts to be available to their loved ones as well.Their life partner should be such, which proves helpful in fulfilling their desire for stability.

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