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Aquarius people are pure in heart and always move forward on the strength of their hard work. They are not extremists and stay away from deceit and malice. Their nature is lightning fast and fearful. They are experimental and investigative in nature. Those who act suddenly, are more concerned about the results, struggle for social justice, are firm on their ideas, but listen to justice.

Being ideal-loving, they are not able to keep anything a secret. Their sympathy is intense, but often they are unable to act accordingly. Aquarius men have more intuition. They are firm in their word and they cannot stand against those who break their promise. Some people of Aquarius are addicted and that is why they have to repent later, hence should have complete control over any addiction.

The people of Aquarius are very much immersed in the future, ignoring the present. If Aquarius is not able to engage himself even after being engaged in work, then his behavior becomes pessimistic. They need true companions and helpers. They have a desire to get money, but cannot bear the pain of saving it. The fear of having their secret feelings expressed also keeps these people apprehensive. They seem intellectual from outside, but from inside they have more emotional excitement. They want to be in the forefront.

They have an amazing ability to control an agitated crowd. The people of this zodiac are sharp in tongue, so they stay ahead in political matters. In the life of these people, sometimes there is sadness and sometimes happiness. Life is never the same. Freedom is a fundamental characteristic of them. These people look less backward, because their eyes are fixed on the future ahead.


Individuals born under the Zodiac Sign Aquarius won't prefer to work in a confined space or for a very long time. Aquarius-born are highly independent and innovative. To succeed at the work front, they require a free-hand to express their originality. An Aquarius doesn't care so much about titles or paychecks, but understands that these things are important to society. It is difficult to predict the future course of Aquarius people, because they change their decisions very easily. People of Aquarius often have to bear hardships in thinking about their future and stabilizing their work system. This person can bring revolutionary changes in the future teaching methods.

Overall, it can be concluded that the Aquarius perform at their level best when their pursuits give them the scope to express their brilliant memory, creativity, knowledge, wisdom, love for freedom and work for humanitarian causes. Careers in the fields of Science, Sociology, Biology, Astrology, Radiology, Engineering, Politics, Social Work, etc. are advisable for the Aquarius-born.


Aquarius believes in developing a very comforting but extremely sensual relationship with their partners. They do not want their partners to feel shy and so they take one step at a time which is what excites their partners the most. When they do fall in love, they tend to fall deeply and will do everything they can for the relationship. It's important to note, however, that Aquarius isn't a very sentimental or affectionate sign.

Aquarians are free spirit individuals that love to live in their own world and are very difficult to read which makes them the most likely to run away from love. They subconsciously push their partners away by being so mysterious.

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